Break the Ice

Katarina Monet 11 (2).jpg

You might be surprised to hear this, but not all models are extroverts.  In fact many of them are shy and apprehensive having their picture taken in the beginning.  This isn’t something that should stop you from getting involved.  Let’s break the ice with an hour of shooting in a comfortable setting and take a look at what the camera sees.  You will discover that you have some power cards in your deck going forward.  What’s a power card?  It could be your smile, your hair, your broad shoulders, or all of these.  You need to know what your power cards are so you can pull them out and use them to your advantage. 


*You will receive all you images, unedited for educational purposes, and 3 of your best pictures edited.

$160/ 1 hour

$50/ 1 hour