Photographer Aaron Root

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Julie Gallahue

It all started in California, when I was the ripe age of eight years old when my stepmother took me to a modeling event.  We were unprepared and out of our comfort zone.  The other models, ranging from super young to mature had suitcases filled with wardrobe and make-up.  We had none of that.  Just the outfit I came in and a good attitude.  As it turned out, that was all we needed.

I took home an award for best picture in the Children's catagory and a lifelong passion for modeling.

Fast forward Forty-four ears and I am still as passionate today as I was in 1977.  But now I have more information and I'm ready to share it with the next generation of talent.  

I've been on all sides of the camera as an agent and manager, photographer, stylist and model coordinator and have established a solid reputation for professionalism and skill and I can share these years of experience with you to help you build a strong foundation to pursue your career in modeling.