• Julie Gallahue

DFW Red Carpet Report

You might have noticed the World around you is changing again. It's been a rollercoaster of changes really, but this time, it's less about the laborious clank clank clank of the cars chugging up the steep incline, and more about the sweet abandon of joy and titilation that comes from the moment you crest the top of the track and speed forward into the unknown.

That's the best way to describe the over all emotional temperature of this summer season at Denver Fashion Week. Elation, giddiness, joy and smiles everywhere. Almost like coming back after summer vacation to see your crew again. And, of course, to see what your crew was going to be wearing for the next few months.

If the red carpet, step and repeat is the equivalant to this locker lined, hallway parade of new jeans, shinny, unscratched shoes and all thing that have not faded in the wash yet, this year is getting off to an excellent start.

I don't know most of these people, but I can tell you that these are, hands down, the cool kids. Some of them could have and maybe do walk the runway and if they have not auditioned for the show yet, I hope they do!

How can you not feel this? Is he not ready for anything? Even his mismatched shoes make sense. I honestly don't know too many people that could pull this off, but this young man is owning it and he won't be forgotten anytime soon.

Fashion is a family affair and these kids clearly have support in expressing themselves with flare and confidence. Start em young!

Double the fun. Couple's that compliment each other. The definintion of a couple being that of two people moving together through one situtation. I couldn't tell you if these couples are friends, siblings, or lovers. I just know they make each other look good.

But the best things come in three's, right? These posse's of poise could take home an award for best dressed trios.

Let's face it. Fashion is for everyone and this group of friends runs the gament from tropical to hip-hop and is a true celebration of individuality.

But, let us not forget, my job as a model coordinator has me contastanly on the look out for the perfect team. That group of beautiful people that create a story, bring all the pieces together in harmony and resinate with the audience.

Based on my red carpet images generously provided by 303 Magazine and captured by photographer Jackson Davis, I want to see these folks, front and center on the next runway.

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