Education is the foundation for any susseccful endevour, and this is true for modeling as well.  Of course, you can "fake it till you make it", but if you want to bypass common mistakes that can prevent you from moving forward, a little information will go a long way to ensure you leave a good impression with your clients, colleagues and peers.

Unlike traditional modeling schools approach to providing this information, I prefer to give you options that allow you to customize your education to what will mostbenefit you.  There is no need to pay for lessons on how to do something you already know how to do and I want you to walk away with tangible evidence of the skills you've obtained.

Coffee with a Coach  

You've got questions.  Questions like, what is my son/daugher/self getting into?    Spend an hour with me over a cup of coffee and I will give you the lay of the land so you can make an educated decision if a career in modeling is for you or your child. 

$50/1 hour

Portfolio Review and Planning

Marketing yourself properly starts with your portfolio.  But, what kind of pictures should you have in it?  Are the pictures you have working for you or against you when you go to auditions and submit for jobs?  Is there something missing that will represent you better?  Let’s take a look at what you have, and where you need to go next.  Having a strategic plan will save time and money.  I’ll also give you a list of qualified local photographers to help you execute your plan.  This can be done in person or via email.

$65/ 1 hour

Break the Ice Photo Shoot

You might be surprised to hear this, but not all models are extroverts.  In fact many of them are shy and apprehensive having their picture taken in the beginning.  This isn’t something that should stop you from getting involved.  Let’s break the ice with an hour of shooting in a comfortable setting and take a what the camera sees.  You will discover that you have some power cards in your deck going forward.  What’s a power card?  It could be your smile, your hair, your broad shoulders, or all of these.  You need to know what the power cards are so you can pull them out and use them to your advantage.  You will receive all you images, unedited for educational purposes, and 3 of your best pictures edited.

$160/ 1 hour

Coaching with a Camera

Now that your comfortable having your picture taken, let’s get more serious about it and meet at an outdoor location near you for an hour and really get down to the nitty gritty.  I will give you valuable tips and trick to get the best return of workable images.  Your future clients will appreciate your ability to capture many workable images for them and this is what gets you hired again.   We will coordinate the wardrobe and look before hand and you will get a contact sheet with your unedited images and 5 of your best pictures edited.  This is a great place to start or add to your growing portfolio.  

$240/ 1 hour

Individual Runway Lesson

Having been the model coordinator for Denver Fashion Week, I have taught hundreds of models how to walk properly, with grace and confidence.  Models make walking the runway look easy, but they put time into mastering the steps, stride, pivots and poses to make it look that way.  These are skills that can be learned, even if you trip on your own feet walking down a sidewalk.  Get yourself ready for the next audition and stand out in the crowd.  All models, male and female, tall to petite benefit from being able to crush the catwalk.  In one hour, I will teach you how to get of on a good foot.

$75/ 1 hour

Group Runway Lesson

Everything I teach in individual lessons can be taught in a group environment and it’s fun to struck and turn with a group of friends.  I can teach up to 15 students ranging from 8 to 80 years old.  You organize the group, I will give them all the information they would receive in a private lesson with the benefit of comradery and good memories with their friends. 

$450 / 2 hours

3 Day Intensive

I call Colorado home, but the information I have is valuable to all models across the United States.  In 3 days we can discuss the industry, review your body of work, strategize the kind of images you will want to obtain for your portfolio, discuss health and fitness, learn to apply make-up and style your hair if necessary, have an ice breaker shoot, 2 styled outdoor shoots, and a runway lesson as described above. You or your child will gather all the information and skills needed to jump into the modeling pool, and have evidence of your effort to begin or add to your portfolio.

For models in the Denver and surrounding areas: $800

For models out of state or outside Denver and surrounding areas: $800 plus travel and lodging.